Support Our Work

Thank you for your interest! If you would like to support our work with the women and girls of the Rwenzori mountains, you can donate, volunteer, or visit Uganda with our homestay program.

Donate to Roots of Hope Foundation

To support Roots of Hope, please donate here:

Economic disruptions from COVID-19 have forced many girls out of school, putting them at greater risk for early marriage, risky pregnancy, and domestic violence. Funds will go toward providing training in vocational skills, reproductive health, and other forms of empowerment to help these girls and young women at a very critical time.

If you prefer, you can also contact us to discuss other ways to transfer your donation to Uganda.

Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated.

The women of Kyarumba have no shortage of ideas for how to improve their lives and communities.  The limiting factor is always funding.  If you would like to support them, your donation will be well used and deeply appreciated.

Even a small donation will go a long way.  Here are some examples of expenses for our projects:

$10 can pay for:

  • Books and school supplies for one girl for one year
  • One chicken for a family, which can generate $100 of income per year from eggs

$25 can pay for:

  • Renting space for the vocational training center for one month
  • Hiring a veterinarian for one month to train families in raising animals for income

$50 can pay for:

  • A sewing machine for the vocational training center
  • Transportation for community groups to visit several villages and spread awareness about education, health, and women’s rights

$100 can pay for:

  • One month of daily radio messages raising awareness about girls’ education in remote villages
  • Training in savings, credit, and bookkeeping for hundreds of women

Roots of Hope is registered with the Kasese District NGO Network in Uganda, but is not registered in the US, so donations are unfortunately not tax deductible for American donors.

Volunteer With Us

The Roots of Hope Foundation welcomes volunteers from around the world who would like to contribute their skills to our mission, both in Uganda and online.  If you would like to travel to Kyarumba as part of your volunteer work, you will stay with a local family and enjoy a unique cultural experience in a village still untouched by large-scale tourism.  Learn more about our homestay program here.

We are especially seeking volunteers with experience in the following areas:

  • Community development and project management
  • Health care, especially women’s and reproductive health
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Teaching, including computers, sweater knitting, tailoring, or other skills relevant to the region
  • Grant proposals, writing, and fundraising (this can be done remotely)
  • Clean energy in rural areas, including wind and solar

If you are interested but don’t see a match above, let us know.  We can discuss your background and find a suitable fit.  Our timing is flexible and we can design a program to fit your schedule, whether you wish to join us for a week or several months.

To inquire about current volunteer opportunities, please contact us.

Stay With A Local Family in Uganda

You don’t have to volunteer to come stay in Kyarumba.  While we think volunteering is an amazing gateway to the local culture, you can still enjoy a welcoming homestay and experience life in the village without volunteering.  The money you pay for room and board will support the Roots of Hope Foundation and our efforts to help the local community.  Kyarumba is near two famous national parks, Rwenzori National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, where you can arrange treks, mountain climbs, safaris and other activities as part of a longer visit to Uganda.

Learn more about our homestay program..